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school clipart

"Clip art is a special type of painting that is different from real painting. Clip art does not use pens and colors, but uses a variety of materials to cut and paste. These materials are mostly things that are discarded in daily life, so some people claim that the clip art is ""green artwork.""
The art of the clip art, through its unique production techniques, skillfully uses materials and performances to fully demonstrate the beauty of the material, giving the entire picture a rich decorative flavor.
Clip art has the characteristics of easy drawing, convenient production and various changes. It is a kind of arts and crafts project that is deeply loved by children and children. It is an excellent image material, the characteristics of the vector to make it zoom without losing quality, you can any combination of them, like building blocks.
Below I introduce several very distinctive clip art:
Ellie, from Ontario, Canada, cuts the matte paper into paintings, then turns them into beautiful photographic works in the studio. When I first saw these works, I felt very Chinese, like the mood of Chinese landscape painting, the ups and downs of the mountains and clouds, which is a group of very beautiful works.
The picture of the highway under the sunset, the theme of which is highways, can be used as a reference picture material for road pictures, sunsets, sunset scenery, highway landscapes, and other related designs. You can download free at Related material: Cloud sunshine and roadside flowers and plants photography HD image, belonging to the road and bridge image classification. (More keywords: sky, sunset, sunset picture, road, HD picture material)
Grassland landscape background image, the theme of the grassland, can be used as a reference picture material for grassland landscapes, prairie backgrounds, automobiles, roads, and other related designs. Related material: Landscape pictures on the prairie, belonging to nature classification. (More keywords: blue sky, grassland under blue sky, nature, freshness, environmental background, spring background, spring, spring picture, PSD material, spring)
Grassland farmer's landscape picture, the theme for the grassland, can be used as a reference picture material for grassland, grassland scenery, green space, people and other related design. Related material: The beauty of the grass farmhouse belongs to the category of natural scenery. (More keywords: housing, cattle, sheep, photography, natural landscape, rural scenery)
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