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Trends and Recent Advances in Cosmetic Packaging 2019
In recent times, the market is growing rapidly in development and globalization is very high. This result in the evolution of trends in cosmetics industry and one of the branches in this industry that has seen more rapid development than the other branches in the industry is cosmetic packaging. One of the most important factors that affect trends and recent advances in cosmetic packaging is the consumer preferences. As the consumer preference evolve, the trends also changes in cosmetic packaging and this results in a lot of competition among different brands in the market.
There is a wide variety of cosmetic packaging materials that are available and suitable for various cosmetic products. The cosmetic packaging materials that are often used by various brands in the cosmetic industry include Plastics, Glass, Metals and so on. Some of the most essential aspect of cosmetic packaging includes the durability, color, material and shape. The evolution of technology has also contributed to the advancement of cosmetic packaging by making the packaging more attractive and easy to use.

Morewin cosmetic glass jar Wholesale In the modern times, cosmetics products are considered to be one of the important necessities of life. There are daily challenges in cosmetic packaging as a result of changes in consumer preferences. This branch of the cosmetics industry is getting more innovative because people demand convenience and performance in their cosmetic products. Different brands of cosmetics have been challenged to develop more innovative packaging that suits the consumers need at more affordable price levels. It has been estimated by The Market Worth that the cosmetic packaging industry is worth about US$13 Billion. This industry provides creative technology and a wide range of innovative cosmetics packaging choices.

Some years back, the cosmetics packaging industry developed tube products which often contain cosmetics products ranging from pigmented extruded colored tubes to process printing and hot stamped caps. However, in recent times the packaging choices now include multilayered extruded barriers to contain more aggressive products, pearl, soft touch feeling tubes and also custom die cut tubes, holographic extruded tubes and half tone printing to produce a faded look. And also cosmetics products like the eye, lip, treatment and concealing products now have new innovative brush pens that twist or dispense with the push of a button. Good packagings have been challenging to get in a lot of manufacturing processes in the past, but it is now common in every form in recent times. For instance, plastics and metals of various colors, shapes and texture are now used to give a great appearance to even the most simplistic cosmetics product or highlight a natural looking cosmetic packaging.

Even sampling cosmetics packaging that were once usually contained in foil packs and thin plastic or glass tubes are now manufactured in sachets, caplets and uni packs of any material and custom cut in any shape and size. Sometimes unique packaging concepts can require manufacturers to cross categories even with the existence of many new technological packing advancements. Many brands in the cosmetics packaging industry often explore more categories such as food packaging and combine it with finishing processes in cosmetics, and this can prove to be very helpful. According from recent studies from a research institute, here are some of the recent trends and advances in Cosmetic Packaging include;


There are a lot of big cosmetic packaging manufacturers in the United States and they often have different packaging processes. But packaging processes such as the Bio based flexible packaging and paper packagings are expected to become one of the newest trends in the whole of North America.


Almost every country in the world is very interested in reducing the rate of pollution in our environment and the cosmetics industry is also concerned with this problem. So, it is expected that in the coming years Bioplastic Packaging will be a very popular cosmetics packaging process alongside Glass bottles that will have about half of their current weight. Different Cosmetics brands are working on developing a way to decrease the weight of glass bottles so that they will require less energy to manufacture and transport without compromising their strength.


It is expected that the cosmetic packaging market will be driven to new levels as a result of a significant increase in the disposable income in the U.S, Saudi Arabia, India, China and Mexico. The branch of cosmetics that deals with Fragrance is expected to grow about 6.3% annually in the coming years.


Another packaging process that is expected to be a huge trend in the coming years is the Stand up pouch packaging. It is said that this packaging process will be famous in both the food and cosmetics packaging industry as a result of the flexibility, light weight, ease of design and great barrier properties.


Some countries like Brazil have been experiencing a rise in expenditure on cosmetics products as a result of the increasing rate of beauty product advertising campaigns and increasing disposable income. The increase in disposable incomes in these countries have also been said to be responsible for a rise in the demand for fragrances in particular.

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