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Best phone case brands list

You are spending a considerable amount of money in order to purchase an iPhone. You are going to use it in day to day life as well and it is up to you to take necessary measures in order to enhance its protection. That’s why you should invest your money on an iPhone case. A variety of iPhone cases or covers can be purchased from the market. It is up to you to analyse their features and go for the best one.

Before you purchase custom phone case manufacturer china, you need to have a clear understanding about the different types of iPhone case brands that are available out there in the market. Here is a list of the different types of iPhone case brands that are available for you to consider.


1.    Pad & Quill Luxury Pocket Book Case

Pad & Quill has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past by manufacturing luxury iPhone cases. The Pocket Book Case is a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. This iPhone case is made using the best quality American leather. People who purchase this iPhone case will be able to replace their wallets with it. That’s because it comes along with a clear ID pocket, five internal card holders and a hidden cash pocket. This iPhone case can be purchased in 5 different color combinations as well. On the other hand, it can be personalized as per the specific needs and requirements of the users. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is a bulkier iPhone case, which could be difficult to carry.


2.    Nodus Access Case 2

Nodus Access Case 2 is made out of premium quality leather. It can be purchased in two different colors as black or brown. The most impressive feature about this iPhone case is the panel of suction cups. These cups are in a position to hold the iPhone firmly in place. This can be purchased in either horizontal opening or vertical opening. The cover offers convenient access to all the ports and buttons of the iPhone as well. It has a slim design, which can complement the beauty of the iPhone.


3.    Zagg Speaker Case

This is an unusual iPhone case released to the market by Zagg. This black bumper case is equipped with button covers that are made out of metal. In addition, it is possible to find a separate microphone and a Bluetooth speaker at the rear side. This case has specifically been designed for the people who don’t want to take a Bluetooth speaker wherever they go. The Bluetooth speaker has been embedded to the iPhone case, which has increased its versatility. The speaker is also paired with a USB port and a 1,800mAh battery. Therefore, iPhone users can also think about using this case as a portable power bank.


4.    LeMoTong phone case

LeMoTong is also a name of China cell phone case manufacturers, it offers various phone case and phone screen protectors. Further, people can get custom phone case from it, but the min order is a litter high, 500pcs.


5.    Trident Aegis Case

Trident Aegis Case is a rugged case, which has been designed for the people who prefer to take part in adventurous activities. It is made out of a durable material and has the potential to provide utmost protection to an iPhone. On the other hand, it has been designed in a way to offer protection to the iPhone in every angle. The corners of this iPhone case have been provided with extra thick shock absorbers. This iPhone case meets 810F military standards as well. When a person gets this iPhone case, he doesn’t need to worry about accidental drops. The case comes along with a screen protector as well. Moreover, it can be purchased in a variety of colors.


6.    Speck Candyshell Grip Case

People who expect military grade drop protection can think about spending their money on the Speck Candyshell Grip Case. It is made out of a rubber interior and a hard outer shell. A lip round can also be found, which provides enhanced protection to the screen. Moreover, stripes and button covers can be seen in the rear side of the iPhone case. The stripes have not just been introduced to uplift the aesthetic appeal of this iPhone case. They offer enhanced grip to the users. Moreover, it is possible to find precise cut outs, which fits perfectly well to the ports and the camera. It is not a slim iPhone case. However, it has the potential to provide utmost protection to the iPhone under a variety of conditions, Moreover, this iPhone case can be purchased in different color combinations as well.


7.    Encase Flexishield Glitter Gel Case

This is another budget friendly iPhone case that can be purchased from the market. It is made out of translucent gel, which provides a unique touch and feel to the users. On the other hand, this material offers a perfect fit to the iPhone as well. Another impressive feature about this iPhone case is that it doesn’t have the ability to cramp the unique look of an iPhone. The rear side of this iPhone case can deliver a glittery effect. The front side of Encase Flexishield Glitter Gel Case has been provided with a lip, in order to enhance protection to the screen. The cut-outs of this iPhone case are precise and the users will never have to deal with any frustration while using it. The translucent gel has also contributed towards the grip of the device.



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