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Lottery Winner Vinh Nguyen

Today we are going to talk about the biggest lottery winners in San Mateo, California. There are a number of winners, and few of them did not come to show their identities. However, one of the biggest names was Vinh Nguyen who is salon nail technician in San Mateo, California. It was this man who won $228 million PowerPlay lottery jackpot. He won the prize on Wednesday, September 24th and came to claim his winnings the day after: September the 25thVindoria Blog

Vinh Nguyen was very excited for winning such an excellent lottery prize, and he said that he loved to try for the lottery. The question is open if he chooses his numbers with care or not. He did not rely on the “Quick Pick” computer to select the numbers for him.  Howver according to Mr Vinh Nguyen the numbers were still random.  He also said he shelled out 30 bucks for 15 Powerball tickets. Whatever numbers that enter his head he plays – as simiple as that.

One factor about Vinh is that he chose the “annuity” option which most of the lottery winners do not. It means he will receive the full $228 million jackpot in 30 annual payments and the tax will deduct accordingly. The amount will be about $138,000,000 spread out over three decades. He shared his thoughts on how to be a winner of a big lottery and suggested to take an interest in lottery processes and go with multiple attempts. According to lottery staff, his first thought was disbelief.

Vinh Nguyen bought his lottery tickets at a store of the proud Key Market in San Mateo. The owners of this store Jack and Nancy Dehoff celebrated for receiving $1 million in commission for selling the winning ticket. The winning numbers were 7, 14, 21, 24 and 41 with Powerball 26. The Powerplay number was 4; it means anyone who participated in the supplementary game and won a non-jackpot prize and observed the value of their win increase by at least the factor of four. He bought 15 tickets to increase the chances of lottery winning. He felt proud of it and said he always tried to win the lottery and this time he has won everything for which he was trying.


You should know that although winning a lot of tickets can be helpful, but it has its own limitations. Statistical experts suggest going with few tickets or multiple tickets according to the situation and type of lottery. Here we will mention another big winner in California who won $11 million SuperLotto Plus prize. He won this big prize on Wednesday after buying a ticket for the draw at a store in Stockton. The lottery officials are trying to find out the winner.


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