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Birding Tours in Belize

Welcome to Birding Tours in Belize Expeditions your birding partner in Belize, the only one English speaking destination in Central America located just one hour flight from the USA.
Belize is the second smaller country in Central America, with a territorial extension of 22,965 Km2 (8867 square miles), bordered to the north with Mexico, to the east, the Caribbean Sea, the west, and south with Guatemala.
The tropical paradise of Belize inhabit about 574 bird species and possesses diverse habitat types such as cloud forest, submontane broadleaf forest, submontane pine woodland, lowland pine woodland and savanna,  lowland broadleaf forest, seasonally wet meadows, marshes and lagoons, Mangrove and littoral forest, and altered human habitats.
Based on biological research on bird population Birding Expeditions organizes birdwatching tours, birding breaks, and one-day birding trips in Belize, guided by well-trained tour guides with a long background in field work and passion about birding, culture, and nature, so we are the best option for your next birding experience.
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